Neil Forman Photography

Neil-Forman-PhotographerNeil is based in the Fourways area of Johannesburg. His studio is in a quiet cul de sac in Douglasdale.

Neil’s been a photographer for many years and his work encompasses most of the genres in studio and on-location photography. This has given him a lot of experience with lighting, which together with composition, creates great pictures. Neil has shot for some of the biggest corporations, lavish events and launches, some very influential people and even the local school dramatic production. From ad agencies, restaurant groups, large international industrials, amazing products, to wannabe models, small entrepreneurs and ordinary people – He treats each shoot with equal friendly dedication.

Although Neil has been around for so long and not quite a youngster, his two teenage daughters always keep him in the loop as to what is cool and what is not.

Neil’s Aim

Neil’s aim is to shoot and deliver great pictures, perhaps with less frills but overall giving you great value .Even though his studio doesn’t have fancy plush leather couches, it is still a spacious and well equipped old world loft .Whilst at the studio you receive splendid coffee, maybe even tea and scones and of course a good investment.

“There is nothing quite like experience “ Neil Forman

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