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Event and Function Photography

Event and function photography presents a “major opportunity and good investment” for your company. 

It’s vital for an event to be photographed by a professional photographer. People are picture-wise these days and know when pictures were just added on by a staff member or friend that happens to have a good camera. After spending so much time, effort and budget on planning and creating a wonderful event, which lasts for a few hours, don’t let it be spoilt by very basic pictures. 

Consider the following reasons as to why you should hire a professional photographer:

  • Photography can enhance an ordinary event and make it extraordinary.
  • Good pictures last a long time after the event and can be continually used to enhance the company’s image.
  • The important guests will remember good pictures long after they have forgotten what was on the menu. If they look great, you benefit by free word of mouth publicity
  • The professional has the experience, knowledge and skills to be able to capture those rare moments before they disappear.  

My Approach

Prior to shooting an event or function I will either meet or talk to the event manager to ensure that I have a clear, detailed understanding of their expectations. Sometimes they want me to stay low profile and be less visible while some want me to really get involved. So, not only do I shoot the speakers, but I go around looking for opportunities to capture the guests at each table and also on the dance floor. 

I prefer getting involved and because I feel the client gets much better value for their investment and have much more to show for it. I’m also careful to dress appropriately for the more formal functions and will even don a tuxedo if the client requires it (and is willing to pay for the hire). 

My regular event and function clients treat me as part of their team and make sure that I’m seated close to them. This way they can quickly instruct me when the impromptu and un-scheduled crops up. I don’t think it’s a good idea to seat your photographer in an isolated spot because it can limit their reaction time. 

If you are a speaker on the day, please don’t apply shiny moisturizer on your face. This applies especially to men. The moisturizer reeks havoc with the flash light and the stage lights creating ugly string reflection highlights on the skin. I carry neutral matt powder with me for such occasions and encourage the men to apply it to the forehead cheekbones and nose which makes for perfect pictures. I usually tell them that all the great stars even sports stars get a powdering before going on camera.

Points to Consider

Think about it this way “You should definitely put as much planning and effort in capturing the memory of your event as you did in actually making it happen…..” 

Don’t leave this important details to chance…especially when you can do the right thing – that is to hire a Professional Photographer to do a professional’s job.