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Industrial & Commercial Photography

Shooting for industry does require a lot of ingenuity, skill, experience and sometimes bravery! I mean how would you know that your gear takes 35 minutes to acclimatize to the humidity when you are on a shoot one thousand three hundred feet underground? And that’s before you can even take it out of the sealed plastic bag. 

It’s par for the course to climb into a tiny cage that is suspended at the end of a long cable over twenty meters in the air just to get the right angle of a factory building in the best lighting conditions. 

Tricks of the Trade

There are many tricks of the trade gained only by spending many years in the trenches and by sweat and tears. Getting that impossible shot by facing ferocious heat or handling intense vibration and shooting in very strange lighting conditions and mercury vapour is all part of the day’s work. 

I always look for new and different angles instead of just using the tried and tested methods. I’m fascinated by manufacture, engineering and production because it appeals to the little boy in me. The funny thing is that the heat, noise, fumes and the odd grubbiness only serve to spur me on to higher levels of creativity. Capturing that unusual angle; the sparks; the timing, the magnitude all going to create great photographic moments captured digitally for more creative editing afterwards.  

I always carry a second camera and flash with more card space than I will need to make doubly sure all goes according to plan.