Corporate Portraits

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Corporate Portraiture

Corporate portraiture encompasses many of the photo genres from major events to pictures needed for company newsletters and annual reports as follows:

  • Public relations
  • Awards dinners
  • Head shots
  • Portrait profiles
  • Golf days
  • Fun days
  • From Reportage to the most crafted well-lit Portrait photographs for journals and posters to project your professionalism. 

Portraiture is one of the most important aspects of corporate photography and probably one of the most powerful tools that a company has to convey its message. Both company and group portraits should definitely be taken by a professional. 

My portrait pictures have typically been used for:

  • Front cover of magazines
  • Published books
  • Inside story in business journals
  • Corporate websites
  • Five meter billboards
  • Point of sale
  • Promotional posters and business cards 

I have been contracted by investment houses, banking institutions, law firms, property brokers, cosmetic houses, industrial conglomerates and local high schools.  

Every single client is vastly important to me. 

I often browse through company and business journals and it is disappointing to see great movers and shakers portrayed in such an amateur fashion by someone in the office who has a “good camera”. 

The greatest of care must be taken when shooting portraits to enhance the subject’s good features and bring out the best in the person. This not only applies to the great achievers but to anyone associated with the company.