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Product Photography

Great product photography sells products – of that there is no question!

Using high quality professional pictures can actually be the catalyst to successfully close the sales transaction.

Product photography requires a highly meticulous and deliberate approach. Most photography works at capturing the moment whereas product photographers actually go about creating the moment. All the lighting, positioning, textures and other effects are engineered to create the finished pictures. It takes a very experienced craftsman to create a moment rather than capture one.

Product photography should show the beauty of the product’s design, its aesthetic style, the ergonomics and its usability. The lighting must be set up to show the item’s texture and reflectivity. The right background or surface needs to be considered carefully so as to enhance the styling and create interest. For example natural cosmetics which contain kernel extracts could be shot with almonds or fresh products with glistening droplets etc. 

It’s often a good idea to show the items being used in a natural environment. Beautiful models using the products in various locations i.e. showing body building supplements in the gym. Or using beautiful old world implements to add atmosphere and vibe to a bottle of wine or farm fresh butter. 

The approach to shooting products for advertising is quite different than for website or a catalogue. Advertising shoots are generally more creative requiring the product to shout out and make a statement about its desirability and aesthetic design. All the while, each shoot is carefully constructed to encourage people to aspire to owning the product.