Public Relations

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Public Relations Photography

Public Relations (PR) is an important part of any corporation’s efforts to create awareness of their organization. PR is able to build credibility for the brand and can build and develop the image of the company and the individual products. It can also be focussed both internally and externally to achieve the company aims. 

Photography is one of the best vehicles that a company has to record and represent events it has to be proud of or important messages it wishes to convey to its clients or to the public. 

Different Types of PR

Photography can be used in many different ways to boost a company’s image as well as the image of its products. Many successful products started their lifecycle with well constructed PR events, advertising and great photographic shoots.

PR photography can be used for:

  • Corporate accomplishments
  • New appointments
  • New product announcements
  • Product launches
  • Events making history
  • Contributions to society

These activities deserve to be professionally communicated to the world in full colour.

Awards can be used to celebrate a job well done or for projects completed on time and within budget or for awarding top level and valued clients. These photo opportunities tend to go down in history which in turn attests to the prominence of the company. 

I previously shot certification awards for a giant corporation. The recipient was captured wearing their caps and black gowns, shaking hands and receiving their certicicates from the head of the company in his red gown. Each person received a full colour print to take home and which contributed to making the company a household name – all in all, a very good investment. 

Bill Gates once said “If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on public relations.”